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Worth It? - Crossover Symmetry

Growing up I spent way too much time on the computer playing Runescape. And when I wasn't playing that, I was destroying the spirit of Pokemon Blue gym leaders on my Gameboy Color.

But once I started at Walt Morey Middle School, I started Wrestling. Seven years later I never won State like I wanted, but I managed to do okay, however... my shoulders and knees were anything but that.

I was able to save my knees by not running 6 miles a day with terrible heel strikes, learning how to squat properly rather than wrap my knees and quarter squat, and by consistently developing the connective tissue surrounding my knees - I found various Gymnastic Strength Training exercises to help immensely with this.

Now my shoulders ended up taking a lot longer to fix.

I tried similar things that worked for my knees, but was met with limited success.

I practiced the snot out of proper Bench Pressing technique, and eventually dropped it all together.

I received hands-on coaching to improve my Overhead Press technique and positioning.

I implemented tons of well-planned, progressive calisthenics with a gradual increase of volume over weeks and intensity over months.

I smashed my neck and shoulders and armpits with lacrosse balls till the cows came home.

But no matter what I did I couldn't seem to figure out how to make them feel great again.

Until now.

I'm coming up on my 10 year High School reunion, and have just now found the cure for all my shoulder problems, and it only takes 10-15 minutes a day.


Crossover Symmetry.

Ben Bergeron talked about it (I think I heard it first in his podcast?), and fully endorsed it, so I figured it was worth giving a shot.

Let me just say, that I did not expect how good my shoulders could feel.

They feel SOLID, and there's LITERALLY ZERO PAIN after following the first 2 weeks of the 30-Day Pain Track.

I simply hit the mobility sac while I let the dogs out; smash my neck and shoulders a little bit. Then I hit the Activation protocol, and they feel great all day.

At night I hit the Recovery protocol (I actually didn't pay very great attention when listening to the program, and instead of doing the Recovery protocol 3 times a week, I did it every night, but am now going to drop it down to M/W/F nights as those are the days I lift heavy things).


So, was Crossover Symmetry Worth It? Yes!

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